Co-Founder of Tiny People & Creative Writer, with a tendency to laugh at her own jokes.


A little bit about me

My name is Jessica Marie Estrada, but you can call me Jess. I graduated from college in 2014 and focused my efforts on human rights and social issues affecting marginalized and immigrant communities. I became inspired by the untold stories of the dreamers and the brave ones, which in turn triggered my love for creative writing.

Currently residing in the Bay Area, I find glory in all things creative and try to fulfill my curiosity the best way I know -- which is through photography, writing, and art. 



I’m using this website and blog as an attempt to document all my writing and work publicly and try to connect with other dreamers who share common interests like me! 

Whenever I'm not pursuing my love for writing and human rights issues, you can find me camping out at my local coffeeshop, going on adventures, snapping photos, and learning new creative mediums! I always appreciate a good cup of coffee and insightful conversation, so feel free to reach out! New friends are the best friends. 




Interested in working together or chatting over a cup of coffee? E-mail me at!